Supporting Thelemic Families

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


“Children of all Brethren are entitled to the care of the Order” Liber CI, Privileges in the Fifth House

 “All children of Brethren are to be considered as children of the whole Order, and to be protected and aided in every way by its members severally, as by its organization collectively.” Liber CI, Duties in the Fifth House

 “The misery caused to children by the operation of the law of the slave-gods was, one may say, the primum mobile of Our first aspiration to overthrow the Old Law.” Khabs am Pekht


The USGL Committee for the Advancement of Thelemic Families develops social and cultural infrastructure that promotes the involvement and support of parents and their children into O.T.O.


  • Compile family-oriented materials and activities lists for local bodies, including parenting books, children’s books, children’s activities, rituals, and tips for including children in OTO events.

  • Provide online fora and occasional in-person events that connect parents with each other to give them opportunities for conversation and peer development.

  • Publish personal experience essays from parents so that as a community we may continue the process of articulating higher-order family needs and interests.

  • Compose messaging targeted at USGL initiates in general, parent or not, for the purpose of promoting the acceptance and integration of parents (with the incumbent constraints upon their time and purse) and their children (with all the legal and practical complexities that arise from their presence) into OTO life.


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Love is the law, love under will.

Committee for the Advancement of Thelemic Families